My name is Liezbeth Gottschall and I’m married for over 40 years now with Ferdinand, we have a son, a daughter and a son-in-law. As long as I remember I’m busy doing some kind of needlework, in elementary school I spend my whole free Wednesday afternoon at my neighbour girls embroidery club. After working for 20 years, i.a. as head social work in a health organization, I changed my career to a more creative one, especially giving lessons and workshops in one of the biggest quilt and needlework shops in the Netherlands, de Quiltnaald. Cross-stitch had always been the red thread in my needlework live and since the nineties in a more primitive style you find a lot in the designs in the USA. Since 2005 I own an embroidery workshop, now in Hellevoetsluis (NL) and started to design myself. In 2013 I won a booth at the TNNA needlework market in Columbus, OH, after submitting one of my designs and since then I have a booth at the Nashville Needlework Market in Nashville, TN, each year in with my newest designs.
I stitch everything myself, when designing I’m sketching before I use the cross-stitch design program and give some basic colours in that. I love working with hand-dyed threads and then designing is like painting with threads. When I’m stitching I choose the right colours and so I have to do some frogging from time to time when a colour 
The ideas plop into my head, often you will find sheep or houses in my designs. I always carry a notebook (one next to my bed as well) to make sketches or remarks or I make photo’s when I see something. That can be a small sign somewhere or a floor tile. I feel restless when I only have one cross-stitch to work on so when the restlessness appears I take my notebook(s) and start sketching on a new idea.
Besides cross-stitch I do lots of other needleworks like punchneedle, rughooking, wool applique and I love to read, cook, puzzle and make some hikes. With some friends I gather for needlework days and visit soccer matches and Ferdinand and I love to travel, f.i. to the USA, Scotland and Switzerland.

In Punchneedle & Primitive Stitcher (USA magazine)
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